Mobile game concept
Merge game style – we merge two equal characters and obtain from them one stronger character which passively bring more resources.
You are – Lord of evil spirits. Many years ago shamans locked you in a cavern and sealed the entranceway. But for the past centuries shamans has got fat and weak. Now the evil spirits have a chance to break free and conquer the world!
The game creates an illusion of gamer progress like Tap Titans does it. Our spirits, making money for a gamer, constantly fight enemies and bosses, the levels and locations change each other and serve as an additional mechanism of keeping a gamer. We do not just obtain a passive income but obviously can see our progress from one level to another.


Games of this type have an excellent model of monetization since a gamer can chose if he/she is willing to view advertising. But the game mechanics is developed to remunerate ad views, and this encourages a gamer to ad viewing.
Get free character in Store
Ad view; is offered every 1-2 mins
Upon purchasing a character in Store a more powerful Character is offered at the same price
Ad view, is offered upon every 4th purchase
Speed booster
To double increase the speed of every character for 2 minutes (ad view, available constantly)
Screen bonus
Every minute there is an object on the screen by tapping on which a bonus added to revenue form characters and 4 new characters are given to a gamer. After tapping this bonus can be activated by ad viewing.
Off-line revenue
A gamer makes profit even if the game is off and when returning to the game a gamer can take his/her money. Ad viewing increases off-line revenue as much as three times.
Roulette spin gives random bonuses, three spins are available per day. Spin gets activated by ad viewing or crystals.
Call for Hero
Hero is a unique character who as a matter of fact is another kind of the booster. Call for the hero is possible by having sacrificed several characters and having viewed ad.
Crystals Store
For real money you can buy the crystals which are valuable currency in the game.
For real money a gamer can subscribe for a certain period. Subscription makes constant bonuses available, for example, speed and revenue from characters.
Unique graphics
An interesting ethnic setting with motives of shamanism, masks and totems. Stylish graphics and outstanding animation. Every character is unique, every location is wonderful!

The last combat
Creation of illusion of progress within the game: characters constantly fight somebody, levels change, we can see various enemies and bosses.
Call for Heroes
We introduce a special type of characters. They are Heroes who in fact are boosters assisting a gamer to earn money faster and more. Every hero is of unique appearance and has a set of animations.
Leveling up Heroes
For in-game currency it is possible to level up Heroes. It will help a gamer not only to earn more money but will also create the emotional attachment to his/her characters.
Long term game
support option
We can add to the game an infinite number of new characters, locations and enemies.
Engine: Unity
Language: C#
Audio engine: FMOD
Animations: Spine, frame-by-frame animations
and Unity standard assets

The game is a joint project of
two Kyrgyz game development companies

Grimwood Team:

Mad Aliens:
Idea and project management
Andrei Gribinyuk (Grimwood Team)
Game designer, animator, screenwriter: idea, development coordinating, project general management

Turusbekov Semetei (Mad Aliens)
CEO Mad Aliens: Project Chief Technical Officer

Turusbekov Adilet (Mad Aliens)
Senior C# developer: basic mechanics, project architecture, technical consulting

Islam Dzhumabekov (Mad Aliens)

С# developer: interface logic

Nursultan Toibaev (Mad Aliens)
С# developer: gameplay, characters behavior

Yana Lysenko (Grimwood Team)
Project Art-director, visual artist: graphic style development and characters design.

Zhazgul Zainalova (Grimwood Team)
Visual artist: environment modelling

Andrei Gribinyuk (Grimwood Team)
Game design, animator, screenwriter: animation, effects.
Valentin Parkhomenko (Grimwood Team)
Musician, qualified sound designer: theme music, audio effects, sound design of games
Additional resources
Ilya Anufriev (Grimwood Team)
Chief development officer and Marketing expert: negotiations, presentations, advertising and promotional events, merch and game comics

Alexander Dolzhikov (Mad Aliens)
Marketing specialist: monetization, localization,