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You plan to visit our conference and Central Asia Game Show taking place in Bishkek city. You need to develop a program of your visit to our country. Our event will take only one day but we highly recommend you to spend at least three days in Kyrgyzstan. Thus, besides the conference you will be able to learn more about our country and our culture.

In February you can enjoy sightseeing, mountain ski resorts and centers, museums, Kyrgyz cuisine and beverages.

On this page you can find a lot of recommendations and useful links.
Local Taxi Services
Citizens of many countries can enter Kyrgyzstan visa-free for at least 30 days. Visas upon arrival at Manas International Airport are available for citizens of some countries, and e-visas are available for citizens of all countries. Learn more about Kyrgyzstan's visa policy here.

Kyrgyzstan shares land borders with Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tajikistan to the southwest, and China to the southeast. Some border crossings are not open for tourists, and some are only open seasonally. There are border crossings that are regularly and reliably crossed by foreigners in to and out of all four countries bordering Kyrgyzstan. Check the full list of border crossings here.
Restaurants and clubs
The pub-brewery Zolden Beer - always fresh beer brewed in its own brewery according to the classical traditions of brewing
Traditional Kyrgyz dishes feature a lot of meat and bread, but lots of other foods are available too. The main meats are lamb, beef, and chicken. Pork is hard to find, since the population is majority Muslim. Fresh fruits and vegetables are common, especially in the summer (just make sure to wash them well before eating). There are many restaurants that feature Russian, European, or Chinese dishes, too, especially in Bishkek.
Hotels in Bishkek city
We offer you the best ski tours in Kyrgyzstan, the country famous for its mountains and soft snow that are so valued and loved by skiers. The most popular Kyrgyzstan ski resorts are located in the surroundings of Bishkek and near the city of Karakol that is not far from the Lake Issyk-Kul. This holiday will be the best option for fans of extreme sport, there are hotels and cottage houses, ski paths with the drop of more than 800 meters height, comfortable cable way and a big spectrum of services, among which heli-skiing takes up the first place.
Ski Touring trips – Kyrgyzstan
Rising in reputation within the ski touring world, Kyrgyzstan is a country of mountains that receive abundant snowfall and vast blankets of untouched powder. Temperatures dip below freezing, yet the country's continental climate produces some of the very best snow conditions on the planet. So if you're looking for something different this winter, bundle up and prepare for terrain unlike anything you've ever experienced.
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